27 May 2013
27 May 2013,

For expatriates living abroad it can be difficult to know what kind of medical insurance you should have, in order to ensure you (and your family) are adequately protected. Each country has different regulations regarding its public health insurance scheme (if it has one) and navigating the system is usually difficult – especially where there are language or cultural barriers. Some countries may give foreign nationals access to limited cover within their public health schemes, such as for emergency hospitalisation, but in many other areas may leave you exposed.

International private medical insurance on the other hand can be a lot more effective simply because it offers more extensive cover, offers better care, is more convenient and fills the gaps left by public health insurance schemes – removing a lot of the worry associated with living and working abroad.

By having a private medical insurance plan, you can benefit from:

International Private Medical Insurance Offers More Choice

Unlike public health insurance, where you don’t have a choice in what is covered and what isn’t, you can choose a private medical insurance plan tailored specifically to your needs – so you can determine, for example, your area of cover, your excess level, and whether or not you wish to have out-patient treatment covered.

You can also select your medical insurance underwriting type based on your health situation – so for example, if you’re suffering from any pre-existing medical conditions which you would like to have covered, you may be interested in a fully medically underwritten health plan.

Surety Of Getting Immediate Medical Attention

One of the downsides of public health insurance is the sheer volume of people using these services – while service availability can be fairly limited. This usually results in longer waiting times for services such as seeing a doctor or getting hospital treatment. Private medical insurance, on the other hand, allows you to have access to both private and public hospitals. And because your insurer helps to pay towards the costs of the treatment, and often also helps to arrange the treatment, you’re more likely to get the treatment you need much quicker too.

Medically Necessary Evacuation

One risk that many expatriates often overlook is the risk of needing a medical evacuation. Medical evacuation to a centre of medical excellence can be due to unforeseen circumstances such as an accident, or the sudden worsening of an existing medical condition. When travelling or working in remote locations where adequate medical facilities are not necessarily available, expatriates need to consider the huge costs associated with medical evacuations – should events take a turn for the worse. Choosing the right private medical insurance plan can help to cover you for these risks and give you peace of mind.

International private medical insurance is relied on by many expatriates around the world as a way of protecting their health and wellbeing while abroad. For more information on which health insurance plan you should choose, speak to your advisor or broker, or contact one of InterGlobal’s offices.

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